Destruction of the habitat 6440 in the valley of Bystrzyca River (Borough of Kąty Wrocławskie)
26 03 2010

mala fotka


6440 Alluvial meadows of river valleys of the Cnidion dubii
dolnośląskie Voivodship, Borough of Kąty Wrocławskie,
Proposed Natura 2000 site Łęgi nad Bystrzycą, near Jurczyce village, N from the railway Wrocław - Kąty Wrocławskie,
Destroyed habitat/population
0,98 ha of the habitat 6440 i.e. circa 1% of the regional (Voivodship) extent
Legal statusPolish legislation does not require permits nor EEA or decision on the environmental conditions. Therefore no public consultation was applied.
Details (circumstances) of damage
One half of the meadow (0,98ha) has been ploughed for cultivation in Spring 2009 by its private owner. It was the only patch of the habitat 6440 in the proposed Natura 2000 site “Łęgi nad Bystrzycą”.


Fragment zniszczonego siedliska 6440
Fragment zachowanego płatu siedliska 6440
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