Damage caused by ploughing of the meadows – habitat 6510, at the same time site with strtictly protected plant species - Globe-flower (Trollius europaeus) and Autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale)
30 06 2010

Topic of the intervention
Damage caused by ploughing of the meadows – habitat 6510, at the same time site with strtictly protected plant species - Globe-flower (Trollius europaeus) and Autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale)

Location (Administrative units)
Lower Silesian (dolnośląskie) Voivodship, Borough of Lewin Kłodzki

Natura 2000 site
Inside SPA “Góry Stołowe”

Details of location
NE from the Kulin Kłodzki village, the land cadastre plot number 10/2

Ploughing of the meadow. As a result of turning the meadow into the arable land, habitat at 1,5 ha part of the plot was destroyed.

Private, individual person

Financial means
Own funding

Authority issuing permit for the investment

Environmental Impast Assesment, Decision on Environmental Conditionings

Details of the damage
The damage was detected after it occurred. However it is evident from the lay of the land, and from the fragments next to the damaged area where the vegetation was left despite ploughing, that the same habitat was present at the area in question. Remnants of the meadow may be observed SE from the ploughed area (still inside the same cadastre plot 10/2) and on the neighbouring plot 6/1, bordering it from NW.

Damaged/threatened population/area (species/natural habitat)
Ploughing partially destroyed habitat 6510 (Lowland hay meadows (Alopecurus pratensis, Sanguisorba officinalis)) as well as site with at least two strictly protected species, namely Globe flower (Trollius europaeus) and Autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale). During the reconnaissance on 25th of May, 2009, it was found out that on the ploughed fragment there were tufts of flowering Globe-flowers and specimens with fruits of the Autumn crocus, both species strictly protected by national legislation.

Details of undertaken intervention
In July 2009, Dolnośląska Fundacja Ekorozwoju (DFE, Lower Silesian Foundation for Eco-development) commissioned the independent field research (expertise). Then, according to the Parliament Bill of 13th April, 2007 on prevention of the environmental damage and harm repair, DFE send an informing notice about the environmental damage to the Regional Director for Environment in Wrocław. Copy of the notice was send to the Mayor of the Lewin Kłodzki Borough. The Regional Director for Environment accepted the notice and in October reported back that the owners of the plot in question declared that they stopped using the plot as arable fields. Additionally, RDE informed that the independent full inventory of the whole plot 10/2 will be required in Spring next year.

Organisation proceeding the cause
Fundacja EkoRozwoju (FER Foundation for Sustainable Development, earlier acting under the name Dolnośląska Fundacja Ekorozwoju – DFE i.e. Lower Silesian Foundation for Sustainable Development)

Conclusions, recommendations
As a result of the intervention, it was possible to stop the habitat and species degradation process. It was even more important taking into account that according to the independent opinion, the degraded habitats have a chance for total recovery, assuming quick repair actions and stopping further damage). Despite ploughing stronger species still grow on the destroyed fragment of the plot.
From the experience in this project as well as other observations, conversion of meadows into arable land is not at all rare. Just opposite it is a large scale phenomenon. Often, damage of this kind results not from ill intentions of land users, but rather from lack of knowledge about the environmental values and the necessity to assure their protection. Therefore it is important to increase the availability of information about the occurrence of protected species and habitats, but also about the obligations and legislation. It is vital to spread the message that the potential damages result not only from the big investments but also from the small scale operations for which no permit or impact assessment is required.

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