Threat for birds and bats – inadequate (incorrect defective) EIA for 32 wind turbines in the Borough of Udanin
26 03 2010

All bat species from Annex I of the Habitat Directive, birds from the Annexes I and II of the Bird Directive.

Voivodship dolnośląskie, Borough of Udanin
Threatened population
Unknown (lack of appropriate research in EIA)
Legal aspect
The EIA does not contain required basic research on bat and bird status nor monitoring. Building Permit is issued by the local administration.
EWG Udanin sp. z o.o. (Limited company building the wind turbines)
Circumstances of the abuse
The 32 wind turbines of 1,5-3 MW – 105 m high with the 90 m diameter rotors (impellers) are planned in the Borough of Udanin by the EWG Udanin Ltd. The EIA is improper due to the lack of required data on birds and bats despite the detailed recommendations.
Additionally, another investor (“Eko-Plan”) plans to build more wind turbines in the same borough and there are strong concerns about quality of research also in this case.


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  2. Destruction of the riverine forest 91F0 in the Natura 2000 site Łęgi nad Bystrzycą between Skałka and Małkowice
  3. Threat for birds and bats – inadequate (incorrect defective) EIA for 32 wind turbines in the Borough of Udanin
  4. Destruction of the habitat 6410 (Borough of Wołczyn / Borough of Domaszowice)
  5. Potential damage due to the regulation of the section of Włodzica river in Nowa Ruda
  6. Damage caused by ploughing of the meadows – habitat 6510, at the same time site with strtictly protected plant species - Globe-flower (Trollius europaeus) and Autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale)
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