Destruction of the habitat of the Hermit beetle in Żmigród Forestry Unit (Nadleśnictwo Żmigród)
26 03 2010

mala fotka

1084 Hermit beetle (Osmoderma eremita)

Voivodship dolnośląskie, Borough of Żmigród, along the road between Żmigród and Radziądz
Threatened population
Subpopulation consisting of at least 3 known sites. The estimated size of the damage – below 1% of the national and below 10% of regional (Barycz Valley) population.
Legal status
The work has been agreed with the Lower Silesian Road and Railways Office
Nadleśnictwo (Forestry Unit) Żmigród
Details of the case
In Winter 2008/2009 Forestry Unit Nadleśnictwo Żmigród removed all trees along the road and ditch (a dozen metres stripe) inside the Natura 2000 site. About 266 trees of different size including old oaks (ca.170) were cut down, almost all stumps proving good condition of the trees. The reason indicated by the Forestry Unit was that one dead tree fell on a passing car.  
Three sites with Hermit beetle were destroyed. Cutting down of the younger trees will result in deterioration of the future conditions for the beetles.
The landscape feature of the mid-forest road has been deteriorated drastically.
The older trees may have hosted bats and birds in their holes and cavities.


Zniszczone i nie znane wcześniej stanowisko pachnicy
Odchody pachnicy rozsypane na pniaku wyciętego dębu - zniszczone nieznane wcześniej stanowisko
Pniaki po kępie niepotrzebnie usuniętych młodych drzew
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